Venetian Shores, Islamorada, Florida Keys Real Estate

Some photos of Venetian Shores in Islamorada, Florida Keys

Here is the entrance, Marina and a couple of the homes located there. This is a great Islamorada Real Estate investment area.


About Venetian Shores, Islamorada, Florida Keys
Video Transcription

Kathy Denworth: Hi, this is Kathy Denworth, hopefully your realtor in the Upper Florida keys Islamorada. Today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about one of the neighborhoods in Islamorada, probably the most popular and one of the favorites. And that would be a one of the neighborhoods on Plantation Key, which is of course the most northern key of the village of Islamorada. The name of the neighborhood is Venetian Shores, and Venetian Shores has four types of property on it.

When you go to the right as you drive through, those are plug canals. Plug canal homes do not give you access to get out to the bay or ocean. The canals are plugged, but they’re great for swimming or small fish fishing or learning how to dive or something like that. Most of those homes will have a boat slip in the marina. There is a marina in Venetian Shores. The marina is just a short jaunt over to Snake Creek, which would give you ocean access, but of course the marina’s right on the Florida Bay.

Going to the left is the canal front homes, and those canals are all very wide and very deep so you can get just about any size vessel you want in there. The lot sizes run from 70 feet on the water to 100 feet on the water, sometimes more if lots were combined. Also you have the properties that are right on Snake Creek, and of course those give you great views, but know that all these properties have access to the ocean through Snake Creek Bridge. Snake Creek is a drawbridge and it goes up on the hour on request. It doesn’t just do it automatically. You have to request an opening, and that’s to keep the traffic from backing up all the way to God knows where.

There’s also a commercial area, which is right on the highway, and there is a coast guard station right on La Poloma Road. La Poloma is the first street on the left as you drive in. The houses there are a mix of older houses built in the ’50s to mega mansions. And when I say mega mansions, I’m talking about millions of dollars. Anyway, if you’re interested in a property in Venetian Shores, or you’re interested in getting the value of your property that you currently have in Venetian Shores, feel free to give me a call. Have you got a pen? My number is (305) 394-3400. That’s (305) 394-3400. If you’re looking for a property, just tell me what your criteria are. Beds, baths, plug canal, deep canal, marina and your price range, and I’ll be happy to send those to you.

If you’re thinking of possibly selling, let me know and I’ll give you a free market analysis on what your property’s worth in the current market. And if you’re just trying to kick and see what Venetian Shores is really like, please feel free to look at my IDX and you’ll be able to see what’s currently available in there. Anyway, I want to thank you for stopping by, and if you would please like the video. Or you can always stop by my website, which is, Kathy with a K. Anyway, thanks for coming by and have a wonderful day. Bye Bye.

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