The Anatomy of a Real Estate Listing

for sellers 4 2020
Video Transcription

Hi, there. This is Kathy Denworth with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Freewheeler Realty Islamorada in the fabulous Florida Keys.

I specifically want to talk today about those of you who own property in the Keys. Buyers, I’ll talk to you in another segment, but sellers, let me just tell you this. If you’re thinking about selling your home, whether it be this week, this month, or this summer or next season, give me a call because what we can do is get together, have a conversation, see if we click. I’m sure we will because I’m a nice person and you’re probably a nice person.

After we do that, I’m going to overview your home with you. I’m going to ask you about what you like the best about it, what do you like the least about it, and we’re going to walk through and take a look and see how many pictures you have, how many towels you have in the cabinets, things like that. Then I’m going to make recommendations to you, whether or not you should paint the front steps, or clean out your closets, or get rid of half the pictures on your walls, things like that. Of course, the first thing we want to do is declutter, and I’ll be honest with you about what you need to do, because the less stuff you have in the house, the bigger the rooms look.

So, if you have a garage that works great. You put down pallets and then pack up your boxes and put those on the pallets in your garage. If you don’t have a garage, then perhaps you’d want to consider getting a storage unit if you have a lot of stuff. Or asking a neighbor or something like that. All right, so now we’ve got the house cleaned out, we got the front door painted, the yards all tidied up. What comes next?

First thing I do is I come in with my trusty cameras and I take pictures of each and every room. Then, I come in with my 360 camera. Now, this 360 camera lets you touch the room, go around the room, all the way around the room, go up to the ceiling, go down to the floor so anybody that’s looking at your property can see exactly what you’ve got. They can see the tile that you’ve got, they can see the colors of the walls, they can see your ceiling fixtures, whatever it is they want to see. And we’re here right now, we’re doing this everybody-stay-home thing. Bummer. So, that’s become very, very useful for my sellers.

Okay, now I’ve got the 360s of each and every room and I’m going to set it up so you can just go from room to room to room to room to room, all the way around your house, and then I’m going to walk outside. Now, if you have a really nice canal view or ocean view or whatever type of view you have, or just a really special backyard, we’re going to do a 360 of the backyard, too. And the camera I have will even show you the clouds in the sky. So, anybody that’s looking at your house, especially on this lockdown that we’re on, or if they live away, will be able to see everything there is to see about your house. Now we’ve got the inside, we’ve got the back. If the side, it deserves a picture, we’ll do that. A 360 there, if you have a swimming pool or anything like that. If you have a lovely entrance, we’ll do a 360 from the street, or take stills depending on how that goes.

Now, you say, “Okay, well, a lot of realtors can do that.” Well, let me tell you what’s different. I put this stuff together because I believe in technology. And this day and age, you’ve got to stay connected no matter where your buyer is because we deal with buyers from all over the world. And nowadays, especially with the travel restrictions, people don’t want to just fly down and spend a weekend looking at houses. They want to narrow it down to when they seem to really, really like. Well, what I’ll do with that buyer, or the buyer’s agent, is going through the house with, the FaceTime or something like that, where we can open up the doors under the sink and they can see what kind of shape that’s in, or take a look at the water heater or whatever their hearts desire. Then they can make an offer, and if it suits them, they can come down during the inspection period to actually take a look at the house.

So that’s one way we’re selling things in this new age of real estate and it seems to be working pretty well. Granted, things are not flying off the shelves, but we still have properties that are going under contract and we still have properties that are closing, and what’s happening because of the dedication of realtors, and Sellers who really need to sell, and let’s face it, this is not a housing crash. This is a pandemic. And what caused the housing crash in 2008 was the entire market just went nuts. I mean, now, people still want to leave because their children have moved to Orlando, or they got a new job, or they’re just tired of the hot weather and people are buying because they’re tired of the cold weather and they’ve got new jobs and or their kids moved down to Miami, so they’re going to come down to the Keys. Lots and lots of reasons for this market to continue on.

Anyway, I am here to answer questions. So, you can contact me through my webpage, which, if you click on this video it’ll take you to it, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. Yes, I can tell you what the depth is in Port Antigua, and how many houses are available in Port Largo. I’ve been in the Keys for 19 years now, so pretty well versed in the whole area. I could also tell you when the dog park is open, and you can even call me with questions like, “Gee, Kathy, I live in Vermont. Can I get in the Keys right now?” The answer? No. It’s probably going to be the end of May before you can.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. If you’re interested in selling or considering selling, or just want more information about the selling process, don’t hesitate to call me. Once again, I’m Kathy Denworth with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Freewheeler Realty. My phone number is … Have you got a pen? 305-394-3400. That’s 305-394-3400, or Thanks for watching. Have a good day. Bye-bye.

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