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Tavernaero, A gated airstrip community in the Florida Keys
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Hi, this is Kathy Denworth with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Freewheeler Realty and today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about Tavernaero, which is located on Plantation Key. Plantation Key is the northernmost key of the four islands that make up the village of Islamorada. Plantation Key is just south of Key Largo Key at approximately mile marker 90 or 90 and a half. Tavernaero is a gated community with the unique position of having an airstrip right down the middle of it. It only has two roads, North Airport and South Airport.

The airstrip is approximately 2,000 feet long. It is restricted for helicopters. A helicopter must land on a concrete pad and be towed to your own lot. There are no night flights, and they have had a prop jet in there. As long as you can take off and land in that space, then you’re okay. There’s also a marina connected with the property. There are enough slips for everybody that has a boat and probably the largest boat you can put in there would be approximately 30 feet, so you have to really check the depth of how much you draw based on the entrance there because the entrance can get a little shallow at low tide.

Now there are 36 lots in there. A lot of them are not built on, a lot of them are. Some of them have hangers underneath the house. Some of them just have tie-downs and part of them, or the closest to the highway or to the main road, are actually in an X zone, which means that you don’t have to have flood insurance.

Now let’s talk about the cost of living in this wonderful paradise of Tavernaero. In the last 365 days, there has been three properties sold in there. Of the sales, the lowest sale was $625,000 and the highest sale was $880,000. Right now, and we’re talking about January 27th of 2020, there is one property on the market and it is on the double lot, which is a 18,000-square-foot lot. They’re asking $995 and if you want a triple lot, which would give you a 26,000-square feet lot, they’re asking $1.295. There’s not a lot of turnover in there because the people that get in there really have a unique situation where they want to be able to boat in and fly out.

Anyway, if you’d like some more information about the home that is available or want me to keep in touch with you about other homes that might become available, do not hesitate to call me at three, I’m sorry. Have you got a pen? (305) 394-3400, that’s (305) 394-3400. Once again, I’m Kathy Denworth with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Freewheeler Realty, and you can also reach me at kathydenworth@gmail.com. That’s Kathy with a K, A-T-H-Y, D as in David, E as in Edward, N as in Nancy, W-O-R-T-H @gmail.com. Thanks for coming by and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day.

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