Types of property in Islamorada, the Florida Keys

types of property in Islamorada, the Florida Keys
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Hi, this is Kathy Dunworth, a realtor in the Upper Florida Keys, and I’m here to give you a little bit of information about the types of properties that are available in The Keys. Right now I am sitting at open house at one of my listings. It’s E2 at Coral Harbor Club. It’s a three bedroom, two bath updated property with a granite floor, or sorry, marble floors and granite countertops and it’s absolutely lovely. It’s $550,000 and it comes with a 30 foot deeded boat slip. This particular property has three months of rental already in place for January, February, March, and another person who spent this last June that would like to spend next June too. So if you’re looking for a little bit of an investment property, this is something you may want to take a peek at. You call me at, got a pen? (305) 394-3400. That’s (305) 394-3400 down here in the fabulous Florida Keys on Plantation Key on the ocean side, mile marker 88.

Okay, so let’s talk about what’s available in The Keys. The Keys has very, very many different types of property. You have dry lot mobiles, you have mobiles on canals, you have dry lot homes, you have homes on canals, you have condominiums, you have condominiums that do not have any views. You have condominiums that have views. You have condominiums that have dockage, you have condominiums that don’t have dockage. Then of course you have the absolutely fabulous oceanfront and bay front homes that of course the multimillionaires just love to scoop those up. There’s also a little bit of new construction going on that we’re still coming out of the ground and not yet really on the market that much. Anyway, I’m going to fix this. There, that’s better. Now maybe you can see me. Anyway, there are a lot of rules as far as where you live. If you live in Isalamorada there’s a minimum third 30 day rental.

The county has rules too. Some places are restricted to seven days, some restricted to 30 day. All these people are doing open houses and everybody’s talking to each other, so sorry about that. I’m talking to you. So you always have to check with the county or the village depending on where your property is located to see what the rental rules are if you’re considering renting. There’s also rules by the condominium itself. Like Core Harbor Club here, they have a minimum 30 day rentals. There are some condos where you cannot rent in the first two years that you own the condo and their minimum rental is 90 days. They do this simply because, oh and then you have places like Ocean Point where you can rent nightly. They do this simply because they want peaceful enjoyment of their property.

So if you’re here for the winter or you’re here for the summer and you want to sit on your patio and read a book, you don’t want the people next door changing every day, being raucous, just making a bunch of noise, and yes, we have noise ordinances, but you don’t want people to have to tell you how to act like ladies and gentlemen. So basically what I always recommend is the Golden Rule, do unto others as you want them to do unto you? Yeah, there are a lot of places in The Keys that are wild and raucous, that’s mostly Key West, but generally it’s just really nice people trying to have a nice vacation, going out, fishing and sure we expect laughter and giggling and a little bit too much imbibing, because after all, Monroe County is the number one consuming of alcohol county in the state of Florida.

But it certainly is not the locals. Just kidding. Well actually, Islamaroda is known as a drinking village with a fishing problem. So we just got off of a mini lobster week. Thank God that’s over, the pillage is done, and since it’s a Saturday and it’s right after mini lobster season, the road is just covered with pickups and cars pulling trailers and heading out. So those of us that are at open house, and there’s a lot of open houses today, are hoping that you’ll stop by and if you’re interested in our types of property, but if not, keep an eye on the newspaper because we will do it again. Anyway, this is Kathy Dunworth, your Upper Keys realtor saying check me out @kathysellsthekeys.com. Also, if you’d like more information or you’d like to visit The Keys and have some information about property and possibly show property, give me a call again at that (305) 394-3400. That’s (305) 394-3400, or I’m going to put a little contact space below and you can just email me or call me from there and I will be happy to get back in touch with you, and oh, just know one thing, I’ll call you back.

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