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Presenting KathySellsKeysCondos.com
Video Transcription

Hi, this is Kathy Denworth with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty in beautiful Islamorada,Florida. And I am smiling today because every now and then you get something right.

And I have had a website called kathysellskeyscondos.com and I built with FrontPage in 2008, and it’s been hanging out there and it had my old broker’s name on it. I couldn’t remember who hosted it. I couldn’t remember how to get into it and I knew I had to do something with it. So finally on Friday I said, cut to the chase, I’m going to take care of this, so here we go. I found out. I went onto Whois, found out who was hosting it and then I called them and had to give them all my details of my life ever since birth to get a password reset.

And once they verified that I wasn’t a stalker or trying to steal my own domain, they did get me back in there. I have one guy, his name was Donavan and he was absolutely amazing. He talked me through … Well, he helped me get the website down into my computer so that I could edit it. And then he said, when you’re ready to get it up, then we’ll talk again.

The company did have two ways of building websites, one was Weebly and the other one was WordPress. WordPress? I’m a blonde, what can I tell you? WordPress and I just don’t get along. So Weebly and I, I took it on and after a lot of angst such as not knowing how I was going to edit a front page webpage, somehow or another I stumbled upon Microsoft Expressions Web 4 and I was able to get into there and edit the broker and my phone numbers and all that good stuff. But there was still a lot of things that I couldn’t do.

Anyway, I ended up cutting and pasting the HTML and getting that in their Weebly site. And then I had to go back and … well, it was days. It was days, but I have to say just a little while ago, it’s 11:56 on Monday morning, just a few minutes ago, I think I finally got it to the point … But I had issues where it couldn’t read the header because of the color of the background and how do you change a background and you know how that goes you. You learn one thing and then because you learned this, you have learned six other things. Well, that’s what my weekend was.

I had three goals. I wanted to finish the website, I wanted to finish my granddaughter’s, who was just born last week, baby blanket and I wanted to start reading The Deserter by Nelson DeMille, but two out of three. I got the baby blanket finished also.

Finally, this is up and going, I think it looks pretty good. The website is, have you got a pen? www.kathysellskeyscondos.com. That’s Kathy with a K sellskeyscondos.com, and it is a very comprehensive website about all the different condo complexes in the Upper Keys from about Mile Marker 70 on up.

If there’s anything that you see in there that it has to be corrected, please let me know. I’d like it to be as comprehensive as possible. And not only does the public use it, but there’s a lot of realtors that use it too. And there’s information there like what rentals rules are, if you can have pets, how big they can be, if there’s dockage, things like that. And you can also click on the name of each condo and it’ll show you what is currently on the market in that particular complex.

Anyway, I’m excited. Please like this video because I am so pumped and I’m proud of myself. What can I tell you? So go to Kathy Sells Keys Condos and check it out and like me in this photo because I worked hard to get it. Wow, what a great weekend. So you all have a puurfect day and I can say that because I am a cat person, and we’ll get together soon.

This is Kathy Denworth with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty. Phone number. Have you got a pen? (305) 394-3400. That’s (305) 394-3400. Have a great day.

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