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All about Coral Harbour Club, Islamorada, Florida
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Hi. This is Kathy Denworth with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Freewheeler Realty here in beautiful Islamorada, your realtor in the Upper Florida Keys. Today, I’m going to talk to you about one of the condos on Plantation Key, which of course is one of the four islands that make up Islamorada.

I’m going to tell you about this one, because it’s near and dear to my heart. That’s because I live here, and that is Coral Harbour Club.

Coral Harbour Club is 79 units. It has 14 acres. It has a marina with deeded boat slips and with community slips. It’s got a fuel dock. Ice is available. We’ve got a swimming lagoon, swimming pool, a clubhouse with a lot of activities. Also have a maintenance area where you can wash your car, and it’s got a vacuum if you want to vacuum the stones out of your car, or air compressor if you need to fill a tire or a child’s toy.

Of these 79 units, there are four towers and there’s three flats. At the tower units, each tower is built like a four-leaf clover, so there are no adjoining walls. That is one of the real benefits of being in Coral Harbour, the only adjoining wall, if you want to call it an adjoining wall, is out into the hallway. Every single room, including the bathrooms, have natural light. That’s why a lot of people like to be living here, because it’s more like a house than it is a condo.

Now, as you come in, it’s 14 acres of natural hammock, in great shape. I mean, the hammock’s in great shape even after Irma. We very quickly took very good care of the property. Our marina was actually open by November 1st with a September 9th hurricane, so when you think about what the other people were doing around here, our management and staff were the absolute best.

Let’s see. Outside of every unit in the tower buildings, there is a little room, and everybody has a piece of this room. It’s all … Oh, what do you call that stuff? Chicken wired in, so you can put fishing rods in there, your Christmas ornaments or your turkey fryer, whatever it is you want to store it outside of your unit.

On the first floor of every tower building, there’s actually a restroom, which sounds like, “Why?” But when you have an overflow of company or a son-in-law like mine, who likes to read the newspaper, it’s nice to have that little extra bath. It’s just a toilet and a sink. Also, sometimes when you’re coming home and you’re really, really in a rush, it makes it really nice too. Also, most of the tower buildings have a cart, either a shopping cart or push cart, that you can load your groceries on or luggage, and take them to your unit. And then, of course, you return the cart.

On site, we have a manager and we have three maintenance people. Actually, two maintenance people and housekeeping. Housekeeping’s responsible for emptying all of the trash cans around the perimeter of the buildings. Also mopping the clubhouse, things like that. Maintenance, they do everything from asphalt to painting to laying floors in our new elevator cars. And then our manager, who just makes the place look pristine all year round. She’s absolutely amazing, and I’m not going to give you her name, because I don’t want somebody to try and steal her from us.

Anyway, we also have the lagoon, which I mentioned, and that’s got a sandy beach that is up to  about 12-18 feet deep. If you wanted to learn how to snorkel or dive, you could do it in there. It’s also very tidal. The water seeps through the coral underneath the club house, so it’s tidal and we have a lot of fish in there. If somebody catches a fish that may be injured or in danger of not making it, they’ll put it in the lagoon to give it half a chance of living a life. Of course, we have so many fish in there now, we need to have a fish fry.

As far as the clubhouse is concerned, there is a bar in there, a catering quality kitchen with a multiple unit stove top. The reason for that is because there are a lot of social events at Coral Harbour, free of course to the owners or at a nominal fee. And every year, the Italian ladies like to make their gravy, and we bring in fresh pasta. And everybody brings a dish and we have a phenomenal time. We also oftentimes do Thanksgiving and Christmas, a fried turkey at Christmas. We do Super Bowl with a pig. St. Patrick’s Day is done just about every year. Easter is usually ham and lamb.

It’s a BYOB thing. We have sodas and beers and things like that, but it’s a good thing to get together with your neighbors. If you’ve got an issue, it’s a great time to talk it over and solve problems. We find that the more people socialize, the better the atmosphere is on campus.

Every unit has an under cover parking space, with their own unit number on it. And there’s plenty of other parking spaces around for guests or if you have a second car. There are two Har-Tru tennis courts that are lighted for night play. And of course, like I said, we have the marina with the deeded slips and with the community slips for those units that don’t have deeded slips.

Coral Harbour’s prices run anywhere from, right now, about 415 up to just about a million dollars. The ones in the front with the unobstructed views, of course, would be even higher than that. If you are interested in Coral Harbour, as I mentioned, I live here, so I’m very well familiar with the property, and my husband’s been on the board since, well, about 18 years now. Questions? We’d be happy to answer. You can reach out to me at … Have you got a pen? 305-394-3400. That’s 305-394-3400.

Once again, this has been all about Coral Harbour Club, a condominium on Plantation Key in Islamorada, Florida. I hope you have a wonderful day, and please visit my website, Thanks. Bye bye.

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